Patreon API Only Returning 20 Entries?

Hi! I’m using the __get_json function within the Patreon_API class of the official wordpress plugin. I want to write a line of PHP to get all the patrons of my campaign, but it’s only returning 20 of them. The request looks like this:

$DFP->__get_json(“campaigns/$campaign_id/members?fields[member]=full_name,email,last_charge_date,last_charge_status,currently_entitled_amount_cents,patron_status”,true );

How can I get the entire list?

Also, is this the best call for this list or is there something more straightforward? I’m setting $campaign_id to my campaign id earlier in the code but it seems like maybe it would be more straightforward to tell it to look up the only existing campaign of me (the currently authenticated user) somehow?

Thanks for the help!

You can request more data and sort them. Just check out what’s below:

When you use your creator token, you should receive the data related to your campaign. For more example calls, you can check the WP plugin, which has various calls to efficiently pull different info ranging from user data / pledge in one go to pulling posts: