Patreon API Member list not the same as CSV

Hello, I’m using the Patreon API.

I’m doing the correct calls with:

Its returning a list of my patrons, but it seems like its not updated. The exported CSV from Patreon returns all active patrons(like 20) but the API just 8.

This is my current call:*********?include=currently_entitled_tiers,address&fields[member]=full_name,lifetime_support_cents,currently_entitled_amount_cents,patron_status&include=address,user&fields[tier]=amount_cents,title
The “*********” is my campaign id.

That call seems to be incorrect.

/members/xxxxx with xxxx a member uuid, will give you details of that member. If you put your campaign id there, you should not get an accurate data for anything.

/campaigns/XXXX/members is the endpoint at which you should paginate your members, with XXXX being your campaign id.