Python & API2 - How to get all ACTIVE patrons?

I am trying to get all my current patrons. Here is my Python code.

import patreon

access_token = ‘XXXX’
api_client = patreon.API(access_token)

campaign_response = api_client.fetch_campaign()
campaign_id =[0].id()

all_pledges = []
cursor = None

while True:
   pledges_response = api_client.fetch_page_of_pledges(campaign_id, 25, cursor=cursor)
   cursor = api_client.extract_cursor(pledges_response)
   all_pledges +=
   if not cursor:


The output of this is 415. But when I go to my Patreon dashboard - it says that I have 423 Patrons. What happened to 8 patrons? I also found out that this 8 patrons canceled their pledge. How ever I need to get all active patrons as i see it in dashboard or via csv. Any ideas?

Python lib has not been updated for a while and it may be out of date. Checking the code that sorts out the patron list in the lib may provide pointers. As for the active status of patrons, the info should be in their membership details in the return from the api when you ask for their memberships.