Campaigns/{campaign_id}/members returns 20, not 1000

Just like it says, the API documentation says that this resource endpoint should return 1000 results per page (or 500 if pledge events are included) yet when I make the request without pledge events, I’m only getting 20 results back per page. In order to pull the entire Patron list for this creator, I have to make over 2,500 requests.

Am I missing something, is there an issue on Patreon’s end, or is the API documentation just wrong?

And of course, minutes after posting I find a solution.


That does the trick. Weird that I have to specify it since documentation says it returns 1000, so I would assume 1000 would be the default, but whatever. It works now.

If there are many pledge events, then the returned result count may be adjusted down. However if you are making requests without pledge events and getting 20 results despite requesting page numbers and pagination correctly, likely something is wrong with the call. Check out how the WP plugin does it:

When the count query param is not provided, the documentation specifies that 1000 results will be returned. If that is not the case the documentation should be updated.