Function to get patreon members is limited to 1000

When using this function: fetch_page_of_members_from_campaign(), you can only get up to 1000 entries. Meaning, if you have 5000 patreon supporters, the following will still get only 1000 entries:

fetch_page_of_members_from_campaign($campaign_id, 5000);

Why? And how do we fix this?

You just have to paginate the campaign by using the ‘next’ cursor. So you’ll request 5 pages instead of one.

Is the next cursor numeric? For example, will $next = 2 return the page of results? As in, 1000-1999 members…

Nope. It is a string. Its a cursor to the next page of exact result set, not a particular number. The only way to paginate it is to get the next cursor string and request that next page and so on.