/api/oauth2/v2/campaigns/{campaign_id}/members - Paging does not work as documented

I am only getting back 20 results when I call the api like such:


The documentation states:

Returns from this endpoint have 1000 results in one page. If pledge events are requested in includes, it has 500 results in one page. Do make sure to paginate your results by using next pagination cursor and cycle until there is no next page cursor in the API return.

Passing in an additional parameter page[count]=1000 still yields 20 results.

More Data, Paging, and Sorting – API Reference (patreon.com)

1000 may be too much. Try a smaller number.

I double checked my code, I had an extra ampersand in there. The page[count]=1000 does work, but without the paging there I still get the 20. I think the documentation should be updated to reflect how it actually works.