Is page[count] currently broken?

I have a custom script to fetch members data from the Patreon API.

When I wrote it a while ago I was able to correctly get more than 20 results through the page[count] param, but today I’ve noticed that I’m always getting 20 regardless of the value (I tried with 5, 50, 100, 200).

Is the API still accepting and using that pagination count?

This are the params that are sent:

I’m confident that they’re correctly encoded because I can fetch the next page through the cursor (fields%5Bmember%5D=email%2Cpatron_status&page%5Bcount%5D=50&page%5Bcursor%5D=abc123). It’s just the page[count] that is ignored.

Also, is it expected that to fetch 20 records it takes 1-2 seconds (including 150-200ms of roundtrip)? I’m worried that even with a bigger page size (200) it’ll take X times more (10-20 seconds) and not slightly more (2-4 seconds)

You should use pagination cursor instead of page count. That should work.