How to get a list of creators that a user is a patron of?


I am working on integrating Patreon with a website that I’m developing. On it creators will be able to share different content with other users depending on which tier those users are members of.
Most of this is done but where I’ve gotten stuck is with how to check if a user is a patron of a given campaign and if so under which tier.
So far the closest I’ve gotten is the “/identity?include=memberships” endpoint but there is no information included about which creator or tier each point is about.
I think that the answer has something to do with the “Member Relashionships”, or maybe I’m not requestion the correct scope.
Either way I’m sure I’m missing something obvious so if someone could give me a nudge in the right direction (or a solid push if you’re feeling generous) I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Yes, you may try requesting the details of a membership through a relationship. You also need to have the scope. You must ask it while creating the token for the patron while the patron is logging in.

Okay, great, now how do I do that? Like I said I’m probably missing something obvious. Since yesterday I’ve managed to get a list of tiers with their ID:s, now I need to be able to verify if a specific user is a patron under a given tier. Preferably using the access_key from the patron but can also be done using the access_key of the creator.

Check out various calls which WP plugin uses in production. There are various examples of includes, relationships etc:

identity one is pretty useful - it gets both user’s info and user’s membership info to your campaign in the same call.