How to get data if authorized user is patreon and has any tier?

I tried use endpoint, I get OAuthClientViewForbidden error

If I use /api/oauth2/v2/identity endpoint to get memberId field to get member using /api/oauth2/v2/members/{id} endpoint I get Unauthorized error

These endpoint work’s only if I using Creator access token. But this solution bad work for me, since Creators Access Refresh Token and Creator’s token are constantly updated

This docs says about getting patron’s profile info, but actually it is about getting the Creator’s profile. Because with a regular user or patron token, this endpoint returns an OAuthClientViewForbidden error

To get patron’s info using a non creator access token, you must have gotten the user give permission to you to create a token for it. Otherwise you cant.

The php lib has examples on doing that. You can check the code example and the calls there.