How can I get patrons with the API?

Hi. I’m trying to implement a patron status check on my website. I want to periodically run this check via cron. The system will take a patron, then make a request to the Patreon API and check if it is an active patron. What is the best way to do this?

Depends. Do you need to do this live, right at the time a patron is logged into your website? Or is it a background process?

Background process. I need up-to-date information even if the user is not logged in. I want to do this with a cron on the server (check patrons once an hour).

If this is your campaign, just use your creator access token to pull your patrons by paginating your members list.

If this is not your campaign, then you will need to get creators to authorize your app by asking the campaigns scope during authorization. Then you can use their individual tokens to pull their individual campaigns.

Yes, this is my campaign. It turns out that I will take the token for the creator here
API Reference (manually via the button)

Then save the token in the database. And then use the token to access the patrons data here

This is right?

Yep. That’s right. Your apps are listed in the below page: