I need help with a simple api problem

I need help while trying to use patreon-js.
All I’m trying to do is login into the api with the creator token , and check if a certain email address is a patron , and what their tier is.

This is a javascript only project, as I’m implementing this in a discord.js bot.
I just wanted to know if something simple to fix this is out there.
Something of the sort

const patreon = require(‘patreon’)

const api = patreon.patreon(‘my_creator_token_here’)

I don’t know what to do next , because If i do “api.somethinghere” the is no autocomplete , unlike all the other npm modules I used, so it makes me think that there is nothing I can do.

I’m asking help on how to login , without 0auth , just with the token, and how to start using it.
Documentation is very bad.

Edit: The best thing I found was patreon.js , simple to use , but there were missing features I needed. I really need to get the standard api working

Thanks in advance

Patreon libraries provide basic connectivity and operations to connect with Patreon api. If you need any specific, custom functionality, these will need to be created on your side. Better to do it without modifying the library code directly, and instead including the library in code which will use the library as the basis and expand on it.

I am just having trouble connecting with the creator token , as every documentation I see is using the 0Auth.

What is the exact error you are getting after making a call with the creator token?

With patreon.js I just did “api.getCurrentUserCampaigns()” and could get an object with all the info.
You are telling me that with patreon’s api I need to create my own functions to connect to the end points?
And , if it’s not asking too much , could you give me a simple example of how , for example to get the patrons names? Just so I have an idea of how it works , because all the APIs I have used so far have been straight forward , and all I had to do was api.get_what_i_need_here.
Thank you so much.

You mentioned you were getting an error when trying to use creator token. Thats what i asked.

I use the patreon(“token_here”) , but how can I be sure it’s actually connected?

You can check headers that are returned when making a call. If the token is failing, it should fail with an error.