How to get the pledge status using field option in api_client.fetch_page_of_pledges()

I’m using the python api GitHub - Patreon/patreon-python: Interact with the Patreon API via OAuth

I’m having trouble to get the optional fields from the pledges. I need to get status see API Reference

  "type": "pledge"
  "id": <string>
  "attributes": {
    "amount_cents": <int> // Amount cents in the currency used by the patron
    "created_at": <date>
    "currency": <string> // Currency code of the pledge event (USD, GBP, EUR etc.)
    "declined_since": <date>
    "patron_pays_fees": <bool>
    "pledge_cap_cents": <int>
    // optional properties
    "total_historical_amount_cents": <int>
    "is_paused": <bool>
    "status": <string> // The status of this pledge (valid, declined, pending, disabled)
    "has_shipping_address": <bool>
  "relationships": {
    "patron": ...<user>...
    "reward": ...<reward>... // Tier associated with this pledge
    "creator": ...<user>...
    "address": ...<address>...

Is this supported in the python api? what I am supposed to pass into the function fetch_page_of_pledges to retrieve the status ? It seems to expect a dictionary? I tried many things but I cannot seem to get the pledge status

Would you please help and clarify what I should pass to the function below to get the pledge status?

       pledges_response = api_client.fetch_page_of_pledges(, 25, cursor=cursor,fields='status'})

Try to make sure that the token that you are using has campaign and members scopes and its a v2 token that belongs to a v2 client first.