How to handle Webhooks for multiple Patreon creators?


I am building a web application that allows users to connect their Patreon Account to their existing account. Creators can use their campaign information in a couple ways on the site.

I am looking to integrate Patreon webhooks into the application, so that creators who have connected their Patreon account can receive notifications if a user who has an account on our site becomes a Patron of that creator. I have looked into the existing webhook functionality and it seems like it sends requests only when the Patreon Creator Account associated with the Patreon API Client has a patron update, rather than being able to opt in any arbitrary Patreon Creator with a known user ID. Am I correct in my understanding, or is there a way to receive webhook requests for any arbitrary set of Patreon Creator accounts?

Thank you!

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Hey there! Yes - that is possible, and we haven’t documented it in public yet. We have a beta program for this functionality that we’ve built and rolling out slowly. Please email us at [EDIT] platform at, where we have on-call engineers who can get you into the beta.

Thanks for bringing this up! Anyone else reading this and interested in the beta, same.

Hiya! Is this functionality still in beta?

And am I correct to assume that this could hook multiple creator accounts to one API key?