How to implement webhook trigger when a content-provider adds a post?

I need to execute Python code on a webserver whenever a new post is made to a particular content provider’s page.

Is this possible?
Can I use a webhook? (And just write my own webhook listener server)
If I am a subscriber to someone else’s channel, can I create a webhook that fires when they add a new post?
Or can I only make webhooks as channel OWNER (i.e. for my own content)?

If you mean a creator by a ‘content provider’:

You use the creator’s access token for that campaign, and you can do it via the ways in documentation:

Patreon WordPress (the wp plugin) has an implementation of post webhook, which you can check below:

This entire class is for post syncing:

But if I’m not the creator (I’m just a subscriber), is there any way to do it? I don’t have the SECRET_KEY.

Then you must get creator to authorize your app by going through oauth flow, with the correct scopes.To get a token which can access creator’s account.

Does the /posts page auto-update when the creator publishes new content?

I.e. is there any way to catch the update signal by writing JavaScript in the chrome console?

You can use webhooks as i linked above. Check the documentation for ‘webhooks’. There is a post webhook that tells your site about a new post when one is made at Patreon.

But it’s not my patreon account. I’m a subscriber to someone else’s content. So I don’t have access to the private key.

That’s why am wondering if there is a more hacky method.

Ah. The posts endpoint would require you having a creator’s token or having a token with right scopes for that account. w:campaigns.webhook . Without those, you couldnt get post alerts from a campaign.