Endpoints for posting content

A way to post content to patreon via the API would be a literal godsend. I can fully understand not wanting to give write access to anything that could involve money (so maybe not allowing posts that trigger charges), but please let us read/write posts!



I could actually see a use-case for posts that trigger charges (although it would probably be a good idea to require an explicit confirmation and maybe some strict rate limits). For instance, say I want to host all of my paid content on my own site, but am currently integrating with Patreon to grant access to my members. It would be very helpful to be able to push an update automatically to Patreon when I post a bit of paid content, instead of needing to post the content on my site then visit Patreon explicitly and post the link there.

This is about the only thing that would be useful in a Patreon API for my use case. I run two podcasts and host them myself on Wordpress. I currently have my Patreon accounts set up to be per-episode pricing, which means that every time I get done publishing on my site I then have to go over to Patreon and manually add a post with a link to the episode and other details. I would love the ability to write a script that pulls info from my podcast feed and posts it to Patreon without having to do it manually every time. The content itself is freely available and I have no interest in gating it or keeping close tabs on my patrons in any automated fashion.

Thank you and I hope that there is some plan to add this in the future :slight_smile: