Existing / New Patreon Content Posting

Just installed the plug-in on my WP site. Is there a way to seamlessly migrate over existing Patreon content?

When I post something on my WP site, will it notify my Patreons as well as post on Patreon too and/or vice versa?

I was hoping it would be integrated so users could have a one-stop shop.

Thank you!

Cross posting to Patreon and importing/xposting from Patreon is not something which is implemented yet, so nope.

Thanks for the quick reply! That would be a great addition for the paid version. In the meantime, as a best practice, do you see users simply posting in both locations to ensure content is synced regardless of where the user wants to engage?

While I have you, my users are receiving this error when trying to unlock content after logging in to their Patreon accounts:

“error”: “invalid_request”,
“error_description”: “Mismatching redirect URI.”,
“state”: “YToyOntzOjE4OiJmaW5hbF9yZWRpcmVjdF91cmkiO3M6NjY6Imh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LmFsdGVybmF0ZWVuZGluZy5jb20vYmxvZy93ZWxjb21lLXRvLXRoZS1tZW1iZXJzLWNvcm5lciI7czoxMzoicGF0cmVvbl9ub25jZSI7czozMjoiYzVkYzAwZjU0MWM5MmE1ZTAzMGRhMGI2NDY3ZWI3YTUiO30=”

Any thoughts?

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The Redirect URI set in your Patreon account must match exactly (character for character) with what is being provided by your website when they try to log in. You have probably got either a trailing slash or you’re using https instead of http (or vice versa).

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Has posting content to Patreon been implemented yet? Currently, once a YouTube video is published to my channel, it auto-posts to Twitter, Discord, and Facebook. I want to be able to auto post scheduled uploads to Patreon as well.

Sorry, currently cross posting to and from Patreon is still not implemented.

It’s weird. It’s such a basic, fundamental feature. I would have expected the ability to create content to be one of very first, core features to be added to any API for Patreon. I assume it must be in the pipeline.

There are challenges when it comes to posting the content in either direction. This is not in the pipeline currently, but i am going to bring it to the team’s attention. Thanks for your suggestion.

Thank you. From a business management point of view, this would be a mission critical feature, with daily application. Integration with IFTTT should also be (EDIT: if not essential, then massively convenient, and time saving, for centralised management). Currently, Patreon stands apart, and alone, from all other social networks, when it comes to streamlining content delivery.

User Story:

As a content creator, I would like to be able to automate the creation of posts on my page, preferably as a core part of Patreon, but sufficiently through IFTTT, based on specific triggers.

Example: When a new public video is published to my YouTube channel, post this custom message, including title, and URL, to my Patreon feed.

This will allow me to centrally manage my content delivery, without having to manually update Patreon, as a separate entity. Without this feature, it is impossible for me to update my paying Patrons at the same rate, and at the same time as the general public. Consistency, and expediency of content delivery (EDIT: especially to paying clients), are mission critical values of my business.

I just wanted to +11111 this suggestion. I am similarly confused that there isn’t a facility to funnel posts to Patreon via IFTTT, Zapier, the API or otherwise.

I make a webcomic with a “read the page a week early” benefit and would very much like to programatically set up posts instead of laboriously scheduling dozens of pages. It’s particularly scary with early access content because of the high stakes of getting a single date wrong!

Please, Patreon devs, make this a feature of a future API.