Mismatching redirect URI

Could someone please help me with this error? seem when a patron tries to connect their account with my wordpress website, gets this message:

“error”: “invalid_request”,
“error_description”: “Mismatching redirect URI.”,
“state”: “YToyOntzOjE4OiJmaW5hbF9yZWRpcmVjdF91cmkiO3M6NTM6Imh0dHBzOi8vc2VpaWFydHdvcmtzLmNvbS8yMDE4LzAxLzI3L3RoaXMtaXMtYS0yLXBvc3QvIjtzOjEzOiJwYXRyZW9uX25vbmNlIjtzOjMyOiJlOWExYmFhNTAzZTcyMjFhOGJlNzlmYjRhMzgxMDk0ZSI7fQ==”

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Very possibly, you have put in an incorrect url in the redirect uri setting in your client settings at Patreon.

If you visit the settings page of the plugin in your WP admin, what redirect uri you should use should already be shown there. Just copy and paste it into the relevant redirect uri field at client settings at Patreon, and it should work.

Hi. Thanks for the help. Yes i copy-pasted the redirect uri that the patreon plug provided but still doesn’t work. I gotta admit that i don’t have a lot of knowledge about how to fill the info patreon asks to register a client so, maybe i added something wrong?

Can you copy/paste exact values of the redirect URI in your plugin settings at WP, and also in your patreon client settings?

Please take care not to copy/paste any other info - especially client id, secret, refresh or access tokens etc. Only the redirect uri setting.

client id, secret, refresh and access tokens info are correctly added.

if this helps, this is what the patreon wordpress plugin gives me as a redirect uri:

https://mysite.com/patreon-authorization (the “mysite” name is just an example)

and nothing else. i’m not sure if something is missing there that the site doesn’t show. also, it shows as a grey text that seems to be un-clikable (there’s no “copy to clipboard” button either)



have a / at the end?

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yes, it shows like this:


i apologize the mistake.

oh geez, it seems i miss typed the wrong info. i missed the “/”

seems everything is solved now. i apologize for any inconvenience and thank your so much for your help.


No problem. The redirect uri needs to be exact.

Best practice is to copy/paste it from what is shown in plugin settings in admin to client details at Patreon

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Hi! I’ve copied and pasted URI, checked it to be exactly the same as in the plugin settings and still get this error. What could be the reason?

It could be that you are using both http:// and https:// urls at the site. So if you make your redirect url with https://, then http:// urls at your site cause this error, and if you make your redirect url http://, vice versa.

You should set your WP site to only use https:// or http://. https:// is better for SEO purposes.