URI mismatch error

Here is my page.

My patrons get this mistake while trying to access the content:

"error": "invalid_request", 
"error_description": "Mismatching redirect URI.", 
"state": "YToyOntzOjE4OiJmaW5hbF9yZWRpcmVjdF91cmkiO3M6Njg6Imh0dHA6Ly8xMTctMi5pYXZldG8ucnUvYXJjaGl2ZS8yMDE3LzA5LzE2L21pc2MvdGhlLXNlY29uZC1zb3VydmlsbG8vIjtzOjEzOiJwYXRyZW9uX25vbmNlIjtzOjMyOiIzMWUxMmRjMWJjZmNiNzY4MjQwOWNmMDdjNDZhNWVhOCI7fQ=="

I’ve checked URI in the plugin settings and URI on the Patreon developer’s page. They are the same.

What could be the problem? What should I do?

Please refer to the below post

I’ll try, thanks a lot!

Works great! Thanks again.

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