Mismatching redirect URI error after changing to https in client settings

Hi, I’m getting the Mismatching redirect URI error if I try to view the Patreon content on my Wordpress site whilst I am already logged in via the Patreon site. I recently checked moved to https:// (SSL) and have updated the client settings in Patreon but I’m still getting the error. Any ideas on how to fix this?

If your WP site allows http:// or https:// urls at the same time, you may start from a one protocol and end up in the other one. This would cause redirect uri error.

Installing a plugin to force http:// or https:// at your site to match your redirect uri should fix this issue.

Logically making everything https:// is the way to go. I havent been following the recent seo developments, but i dont think forcing your urls to https:// should cost you seo ranking.

I am forcing SSL and it’s still not working. Again, it only breaks down when I’m logged into Patreon before heading to my site to test it.


Here is a link to a page where page this is happening. Everything is set to HTTPS or to direct to HTTPS using Really Simple SSL plug in. I also installed WP Force SSL and tried that.

It’s stll broken. Please help.

I solved the issue by deleting the original API from Patreon and creating a new one.

That’s extremely weird. Please let us know if this issue repeats.