How to know if they are a member of another patreon membership

I can successfully retrieve valid information back from api. I get data, relationships, included, and links. Can see the memberships, and I can see all the attributes of the membership, but how do I tell who the membership belongs to? There is no readable name like “Bobs Campaign”. The id# doesn’t seem to be the same on different accounts. I have two patreon accounts that I am testing with and by process of elimination I can tell which is the one I want, but their id’s are totally different. I just don’t know how to determine which is which.

Here is my scope:

please can someone help. I have spent over 24 hours banging my head on this. I am using the supplied php library, however I don’t think it is the library.

As this is not my campaign, do I need to get the creator access token from the creator for this to work?


In all likelihood, the user should need to log in to your app with the above scopes sent with the login link.

Ie, the scopes for getting user’s memberships should be already asked when the user is sent to login to get the auth for asking the tokens.

Then when the user returns to your app, and you get the token, you would need to request the access and refresh tokens. At this point the access token should have the scopes you asked for.

You should check if you can get user’s other memberships by accessing the api with that resulting access token.

v1 v2 difference matters - you must make sure that you are using a v2 client, calling v2 endpoints.