Check if user is a member of a campaign

I’d like to know how I could check if an user is a member of a certain campaign.

Consider a creator user A and a patron user B,
Is there any way to check if user B is a patron of user A, using user B’s access_token?

Thanks in advance

Yes, if you asked the memberships scope during the creation of the access_token.

Ok, thanks for the reply, @codebard.
I’d like to ask another question

Can I get the pledge history of specific user in a campaign of another creator?

For exemple, consider patron A and creator B that created a campaign with id “xyz”.
I need to access the pledge history of patron A from campaign “xyz” but using patron A access_token

Which endpoint I need to use?

Yes you can, but you must have the correct permissions and scopes.for that creator’s campaign. You can do that by having the creator authorize your app and getting a token with the correct scopes/permissions.

…is the endpoint that you would need to use.