Check what creators the users has pledged towards [Solved]

I’m planning a collaboration on a webtool I’m making, functionality on the tool is directly linked to peoples pledge tier towards my campaign, but for this collaboration, I would like to be able to check if a user is both a patron of mine and of my collaborator. And if so, then give access to that specific content.

I get a bit confused by this as it seems I’m able to get my own pledges to various content creators, but using a test account it doesn’t seem to work as intended? I also saw some old comments regarding v1 of the API that this wasn’t possible, so before I dig too deep on this one, is it possible to do this on v2?

Oh, I didn’t include the required scope in a readable format in the url… I got it working now!

If anyone else end up having scope problems, the format for adding multiple scopes is by separating them with %20 (space)

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