What is the standard process for requesting scope for other user's oauth

In the documentation https://docs.patreon.com/#step-2-making-the-log-in-button

It mentioned

If your client requires the ability to ask for pledges or campaign data of other users (not just your own campaign), please email platform@patreon.com, and we’ll do our best to get back to you shortly.

I emailed platform but havn’t get a response yet, is there anything I can do to facilitate the process?

Did you try requesting the scopes in a call to test? By creating a test creator and then trying getting his details via an app created by another creator?

Yes , I created creator1, and creator2, with app using creator1’s clientId but I got the following oauth message

app would like to …

View pledge amount to creator1
View Patreon profile information
View Profile photo, first & last name, email address

The message seems to indicate that instead of viewing creator2’s campaign I was viewing creator2 as a patreon to creator1

On a side note, I used the default scope, which default to users pledges-to-me my-campaign is there other scope I can use?

This may help: