Patreon API - oAuth scopes

I'm integrating patreon in the client site now. And I'm wondering where I can find list of scopes. I need to show users posts and their campaigns in their profile page. 

Thanks in advance

The following resources are available via the API:

  • User (creator or patron)
  • Campaign
  • Pledge
  • Reward
  • Address

You are unable to access posts regardless of scope as they are not a resource available via the API.

As far as I know, the available scopes are:

  • users
  • pledges-to-me
  • my-campaign

There is an additional scope that grants access to user’s campaign but that is only available on a case by case basis to be granted by the Patreon platform team – by default you can only access the campaign of the creator who created your OAuth client.

Thank you, Sam for your reply! As I understood from api doc - I cannot get campaigns and pledges of other creators even they granted access for my application, is it right?

Right, when a Patreon user authenticates with your website using OAuth, they are authenticating as a Patron, regardless of whether they themselves have a campaign.

For anything more than that you’d need to talk to the platform team:

Thank you, Sam! Now it’s clear for me:)