Public data and pledged creator posts via API

Hi, I am currently implementing an option to connect Patreon account to my backend. And I stumbled upon a problem.

If you look into any creator profile you can view their posts. It won’t show you the content of them but you will be able to see the title of it, how can I get that info using API?

I also need to access posts of some creator that the current account is pledged to, how can I do that?

If you have the creators access token and they’ve granted you the campaigns and campaigns.posts scopes, you should be able to pull every post they’ve ever made on their campaign, along with post content, so long as your request is formatted to request it and it is listed here: API Reference It is worth noting that there is no default data for posts so you must request specific fields.

As for accessing posts of other creators through the current accounts memberships, not possible. You’d need to be able to request the memberships.campaign.posts relationship through relation traversal, which I’m guessing they prevent for security of content reasons. It is of note this relation is also not in the documentation, and I have tested that it doesn’t work.

To get this data you’d need the access token for the user who made the post, the ID of the campaign the post is to, and you’d have to use the campaign posts call.

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With your own creator access token, you can access anything in your campaign since it has all the scopes automatically.

To access others’ campaigns, you need to ask the correct scopes when having them authorize your app, and then specifically request those resources with that token.