[Solved] APIs for creators question (newbie)

I am trying to access the data for a campaign as the creator to provide some different views of the data / answer some questions that I cannot currently. I have read through the API documentation and all of it appears to be focused on OAuth to provide access for a patron and not the creator. I want to access simple things like “What are all the members of my campaign” to start with. I found a side reference to an endpoint:
That endpoint works (I used the access token from my client in the Authorization header) but if I replace pledges with anything else like “members”, it says it is an unrecognized endpoint.

Can someone point me to the documentation for APIs for creators to get access to information about their campaigns?


Okay … I found it under the v2 docs … https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/v2/campaigns/12345/members

I will keep trying to explore. I seem to get lost a bit in the docs but I will try harder.