Viewing other creators' posts using the API

I’m working on an application to monitor my subscriptions to other creators. I can get the other creators’ campaigns from the API but not their posts.

When I call /api/oauth2/v2/campaigns/{campaign_id}/posts it succeeds, but no data:
{“data”:[ ],“meta”:{“pagination”:{“total”:0}}}

I’m using my creator access token for authentication. The documentation says “The client creator’s access token will automatically have all V2 scopes associated with it.”, so I don’t think it’s a scope issue.

The documentation also says “If your client requires the ability to ask for pledges or campaign data of other users (not just your own campaign), please contact us in the developers forum.”, but there are no specific instructions.

Any help from the community would be much appreciated.

You cant get other creators’ posts with your own creator’s access token. To be able to get other creators’ posts, you must have them authorize your app and give it permissions to do it with their tokens.

Ie, you use your own client, get creators to authorize it, and ask for the correct scopes during the authorization. The resulting token should allow you to get the info that you asked the scopes for.