Get posts by creators I follow and pledge

Hi, is there any way I can create an app for users that pledged to a creator and following a creator’s campaign to fetch that creator’s feed? Is there some special scope I need when authenticating? Thank you! Basically to make the question simple, how can I get programmatically the posts that I get in my Feed as a normal user? I just want to see the pledges I’ve made to other creators.

You would get the creator to authorize your app with posts scope and then use the resulting token to pull the creator’s post feed.

Thank you very much for the response. But I’m looking from the standpoint of a patreon user looking to get the same experience as with the patreon app. Basically if I pledge to a creator I get access to the creator’s posts, right? I want to be able for that user to sign in with his account and get the same posts feed from that creator’s campaign, so the creator shouldn’t need to authorize my app. Is this even possible?

The creator’s posts are the creator’s own. Your app cannot get access to them by merely the patron authorizing your app. You can get access to the patron’s membership info. But not the membership content that depends on that membership. The patron cannot give your app or someone else access to a campaign’s content.

Well I found a creator I loved very much and he was the first creator for which I’ve subscribed and created an account on patreon. But I soon found that I couldn’t watch his shows on my smart tv (not sure why there isn’t an app for this already) , so I wanted to build an app myself just for me so I can easily browse the feed content that I get on the web on the tv by login with my account. But since I can not even build that app myself either, I’m probably just gonna leave this platform and get my content from somewhere else.

Well, that’s something pretty had for any platform to provide. Good luck.