API Integration for multiple campaigns/creators

I am the founder of a platform that allows language educators to create courses and provide subscriptions. We’ve been asked by an educator who has been using Patreon on the possibilities of such an integration.

Your documentation states: If your client requires the ability to ask for pledges or campaign data of other users (not just your own campaign), please contact us.

So, I am reaching out. If we move forward with such an integration, we would want it to be used by other Patreon creators. Is there a way to do this without having to create a client for each Patreon Creator we want to onboard?

Judging by this post: "Please contact us in the developers forum to request the ability to access multiple creator campaigns" it looks like we can do this by requesting campaign scope, then requesting info about members/setting up webhooks.

Yes, asking the campaigns scope when a creator is authorizing your app would be necessary. And if you need so, memberships as well.