How to maintain Zapier filter when enabling annual pledge option


This is my first post here, so my apologies if I’ve not put it together well. I contacted Patreon support about this and they directed me here. I’m hoping someone will have an answer.

I’m wanting to enable the annual pledge option on my patreon, but currently rely on Zapier to send automated welcome emails that are tier-specific.

The way I’ve been able to do this relies on the “amount” sent from Patreon’s API. I’m unclear how to maintain this when enabling annual option as then I assume the “amount” would be much higher and thus send the wrong tier welcoming email.


Currently, for my tier that is $10, I have the Zap proceed ONLY if the “Amount dollars” is more than $9.99 but less than $15 (my next tier).

If I set up annual (and for simplicity of this example, without a discount), then the $10 tier person would be charged $120, and thus Zapier would send a welcome email for my HIGHEST tier instead of the $10 tier.

As I don’t have annual enabled yet, I can’t see what additional information MAY be sent to Zapier. I’m hoping to find out if there will be any markers for annual/monthly I could use to properly filter the actions on Zapier.

Because I can’t know this unless I enable annual, I’m unable to proceed.

I hope this makes sense. I’ve made a screencast here to hopefully better illustrate.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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