Issues with Patrons loading Patreon gated content

Hi there!

I’m very new to this plug in and using it so please bare with me and any of my newbness.

I have 2 issues:

  1. My tiers do not show up, only $ amount is available. I’ve tried refreshing my browser and it still says “You have no tiers for this campaign.” This is confusing as I have 3 tiers, all of which I’ve had for years, before Patreon implemented different kinds of creator plans. It says in order to show the tiers I need to upgrade my Patreon plan to Pro? If this is true, it seems a bit inconvenient.

  2. Many (but not all) of my patrons are having troubles viewing gated content specifically for them. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the issue mentioned above, or if this is something separate but several of them are saying that after they hit the refresh button on the gated page, it takes them to the Patreon verification/log in set up. They log in/confirm, then are sent back to the gated page and not the content. I asked them to try using different browsers and refresh again and they keep hitting the same wall.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

1 - If you are sure you are on founders’ plan, this should be a bug. You can confirm it by visiting Tiers tab in Edit Page for your campaign profile at Patreon.

2 - If tiers are missing, that may end up happening.

Thanks for the response! I don’t understand how to confirm the bug, I went to the Tiers tab in the Edit page and everything seems fine, all my tiers show up.

Also, I’m not sure if this is related, but some members for $5 are able to gain access to the $10 page on my site. Related or not, this is a huge bug.

Can you try disconnecting your site from Patreon and reconnecting it again.

The $5-$10 access situation can happen if you set lifetime pledge value for a post.

Thanks for the response!
I did not set lifetime values for any pages or posts. I read about that mix up elsewhere on the forum and avoided it.
However when I try to disconnect from my Patreon, I get the error message

Sorry, couldn’t disconnect your site.

Please wait a few minutes and [try again]. If this issue persists, you can visit your [your app/clients page] and delete the app/client for this site. Then you can save empty values for details in “Connection details” tab in “Patreon settings” menu at your site. This would manually disconnect your site from Patreon. Then, you can reconnect your site to another Patreon account or to the same account.

It might just be a wording issue, but there is no “Connection Details” tab in Patreon Settings. There’s an Apps tab, which I went to and revoked access for the Wordpress plugin. But now I’m assuming I just have uninstall and reinstall the pluggin?

I really don’t mean to pester on this topic, but I figure it’s best to show you step by step all the issues I’m facing because it’s becoming pretty frustrating. I appreciate your help!

This simply means that you site is not even connected to Patreon. You can visit this page,

then delete any app that may be linked to your website, and then use the ‘Connect’ button in your Patreon Wordpress settings to connect your site to Patreon.