"Internal error" when creating Client/API key

I’m looking to make a super simple login page for a website I’m building, which will only be accessible to my Patrons. Unfortunately, the “Create Client” button in the developer portal has been giving me an “Internal Error” when I try to create a client to get an API key.

I first tried two weeks ago now, any help would be very welcome.

As a related question - is this the right way to go? I’m not too concerned with the coding aspect of getting this to work, but if there’s a more practical, out-of-the-box way of managing access of Patrons to a single-page website, I’m all ears. I see there’s a Wordpress plugin, but I have zero experience with it, so not sure if it would be more difficult than what I’m currently trying.


Did you enter your app’s redirect uri correctly?

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Ah yes… :sweat_smile:
Meganoob here, as you can tell. Thank you!

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