Site Going Down While Creating Client

Hi there,

I’m attempting to install the plugin for wordpress, although encounter problems when creating the client. I’m new to Patreon so don’t really understand the client form. Who’s information goes here? What would the description be? And the square image?
I’ve tried entering my own name, and url of the site etc, created the keys, but then when I’ve pasted them into wordpres, the site goes down.

Any help greatly appreciated.

The site goes down as in how? Any errors? Or it times out?

Everything just goes offline, including the backend/dashboard. The only way it works again, is if I delete the plugin from the FTP. (But everything works fine with plugin active, it’s only after entering API/client data).

If you are able to, you can check your web host panel for PHP error logs. Or if not, ask your host for the logs.

In the error logs, what is causing the site to crash when credentials are saved should be apparent as a parse error.

I’m using AWS, which doesn’t offer any support on the basic plan. And because it’s a much more complex dashboard, it’s either out of my skill set to find, or only available on separate plans :-/

Perhaps you could explain the client form further, and then I’ll know if I’m putting in the right information.

The client is the app you created in the below page for your particular site:

Then you get the details of the client from there, and c/p them to relevant fields at the ‘Patreon Settings’ section in your WordPress admin.

That’s what I’m saying, I don’t know what the client or the app is.

It says: “Here, you can register your client applications and get API keys.”

Who is the client?

Have you any listings on that page? Did you enter any details into that page before?

Why do you keep ignoring my question: who is the client?

Not sure what you mean by listings. The page looked like this:

And I clicked ‘create client’. Then I didn’t (and still don’t) know what to put into the form, so I entered my own name, ‘test’ into the description, and the redirect URI from wordpress, then I created the client.

Then I copy and pasted the ID, secret and tokens back into Wordpress. The site goes offline.

I don’t have access to the error logs.

Why do you keep ignoring my question: who is the client?

The client is what you created there.

You should make sure you copy/pasted every single one of those values correctly and without any spaces at the start or at the end.

Additionally the redirect uri must match the one which is shown in your WP settings exactly.

You dont have access to error logs? Where are you hosted?

But there wasn’t anything created initially?

I’m hosted on AWS, which doesn’t offer error logs on my current plan.

OK it seems to be working now. That was the 4th time I tried, doing the same as before. But thank you anyway.

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Good to hear it was resolved.

Actually, I spoke too soon :frowning:

The site did go down again.

If things worked with credentials for some time, and then crashed again, then it cannot be something from the plugin. There is something wrong with your config (underlying things - os/webserver etc) or your AWS slice/shard/etc.

I would recommend you to get a simple hosting from somewhere, Siteground, Bluehost or Godaddy etc and try there.

Hold on… your advice to resolve this issue, is for me to change my server?

You dont seem to have access to error logs, there seems something that is inherently misconfigured in that setup, there is no support provided by the provider…

We practically have no idea what’s going on inside that setup and have no means to remedy it.

You could have easily acquired a $3-5/month hosting package from a standard host and got going a long time ago.

But are you suggesting to migrate my entire site to another host? Or is there a way to use another host and check the error logs without uprooting everything?

You can definitely get a cheap web hosting at a standard host using an unused domain, then install WP there along with the plugin and test it out. You can just create a new client for this at Patreon.

You can start installing the plugins you have in your actual site to this test installation and see if the issue repeats after installing a plugin.

Its likely that no error will end up happening. But if they do, any standard host should provide access to error logs.