Errors again and site down after latest update 1.2.1

Well, I upgraded to 1.2.1 and my site went down again. everything was fine at 1.2.0 and I have the latest Patreon plugin 3.0.5. Upgraded to 1.2.1 and suddenly the site errors all pages as

Fatal error : Call to undefined method Patreon_Wordpress::add_to_lock_or_not_results() in /home/wp-content/plugins/patron-plugin-pro/plugin/plugin.php on line 3586

I tried updating my Patreon API (at Patreon) to v2 but no luck. Not sure where to go next but will keep trying things. Help is appreciated.

So - all I did was roll back to 1.2.0 and everything works again. To be clear I am running a Patreon v2 API client on the Patreon end, the pro plugin is v 1.2.0 and the patreon plugin is 3.0.5.

using 1.2.1 crashed all my site pages, using 1.2.0 and all is fine

You seem to have upgraded to Patron Pro 1.2.1 before it was even released while it was being tested. It requires Patreon WordPress 3.0.6, which was just packaged to downloads.

If you upgrade Patron Pro to 1.2.1 and Patreon WordPress to 3.0.6 by downloading them from your CodeBard account and uploading/activating them, you should have these sorted.

Alternatively you can wait for the release tomorrow by staying on 1.2.0 and 3.0.5 for today. I recommend doing that.

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OK - again - to be clear as happened the last time…

I am getting notifications on my Wordpress Dashboard about the plugin being ready for update. This is not me rooting around on some dev site looking for a beta plugin. The update has been active for about 3 days and I just went ahead with it tonight.

When you say things like “you seem to have…” it SEEMS like you are are saying I did something strange and unusual. Perhaps I did but realize the plugin was ASKING to be updated.

Not looking to cause a giant back and forth about this - just informing you your own plugin is asking to be updated on my site.

Thank you!

Apologies if it came across in an offensive way.

Your plugin admin should soon be showing that updates are available for Patreon WordPress 3.0.6 and Patron Pro 1.2.2. Upgrading both should fix these issues. Just upgrade from your plugin admin, or by downloading the new packages.

Also please remember that for Patron Pro, you can get premium support free of charge at CodeBard help desk.

Appreciate the reply and the support you give for the plugin.

I’m also just looking to inform - I hope I also did not come across as offensive. I deeply appreciate the help from you and the community. I know it must seem frustrating at times but your help us awesome and I’m sure I speak for many here when I say - THANK YOU!

No problem.

Has the issue been resolved by the way?

It was! I just update the whole site. I waited till I saw all the update notifications and then updated the patreon plugin and then the pro version.

All seemed to be fine after that!

Thank you!

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Great to hear. Good luck with your patrons.

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