Fatal error: Call to undefined method Patreon_Wordpress: line 1573

Hey all - just updated to the latest and the site won’t open Patreon pages.

Get this message

**Fatal error : Call to undefined method Patreon_Wordpress::lock_or_not() in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/patron-plugin-pro/plugin/plugin.php on line 1573

Any thoughts as to the solution? My site is pretty well locked down till this is solved.

Also - is there some easy way to revert to the old version till this is sorted?

Thank you!

OK, well, EVERY page but the front page is getting this error including free and open pages. So, in addition to the previously Patreon only pages all my regular site pages are locked down.

Update: turning off Patreon Pro Plugin opens up the site but keeps the content locked. No errors are happening but it looks like the the ‘connection’ to patreon itself is off. Can’t really tell since I am the admin

You have Patron Pro, but you havent installed the Patreon WordPress which comes with Patron Pro, as it was explained in the email. You are still using old Patreon WordPress. This causes the new functions that came with new version to end up not being found, and causing errors.

Please refer to the update email that was sent to the mailing list for upgrading your Patreon WordPress. When you update it as explained in the email, this error will go away.

Hello and thank you - it’s all sorted now. Appreciate the reply.

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