Invalid_grant error

I’ve installed the Patreon Wordpress plugin to my Wordpress site and verified that I’m logged in to my Patreon creator account. I run the setup wizard and after I click the “Allow” button on the “Create an OAuth client for your campaign” page, it sends me to a completely white screen with the error message “invalid_grant” in the upper left corner.

I’m using the latest versions of WordPress and Chrome. I’ve cleared my browser cache, uninstalled the plugin, and repeated the process from the beginning with the same effect. Please let me know if anyone has experienced this issue and found a fix for it.

Do you have any redirection plugins at your site?

This also can happen if your server time is out of sync.

Also if you have created any clients for this site before, check and delete them at below page:

I had no clients as referenced, but I did have a redirection plugin. I deleted it and the wizard is now working as expected. Thanks.

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Great to hear. Good luck with your patrons.