Invalid parameter / OAUTH Error

Hi There,

I’ve been researching an answer to my issue all day and still continue to do so. However, it seems a bit hard as I truly don’t know how this plugin works.

So to give you an idea. I installed the plugin to my and there were no problems. Then I installed it another site called I did erase the app link from Patreon side before doing these.

And now I’m getting this error:
{“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘oauth_client_id’: 7800.”,“id”:“953d6532-869b-4ed4-bd0e-a21fc40729c5”,“source”:{“parameter”:“oauth_client_id”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘oauth_client_id’.”}]}

I have the subdomain set to maintenance mode, returning code 200.

I also did install a direct copy of to the subdomain and it went nuts…so I erased the wordpress installation and re-installed a clean one. Could this migration thing be the issue here or what is causing the above error?

It worked fine with, but now using the it’s not working at all.

Any idea what could be the issue here?

Help needed badly!


For some unknown reason, it started to work again…

I went to my and activated the Patreon plugin there and tried the connection, but didn’t do it to the end. Then deactivated that plugin and then tried on the again, and it started working??

Beats me.

Though I would happy to hear what could have happened?


Basically there exists another app which was created before.That’s why that error is happening.

Find and delete that app here below, and restart the setup wizard and it should work.

Thank you for the answer. Yes, it seems to be the case as it started to work nicely again.

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