Is teaser_text not available under APIv2?

I can see it under v1, but doesn’t seem to appear under v2.

Anybody know if it’s been renamed or whether them some special magic required to access it?

Which is the call that you are using to get that field from api v1?[post]=title%2Cpost_file%2Cembed%2Cimage%2Cthumbnail%2Cpublished_at%2Curl%2Cteaser_text&filter[campaign_id]=2355421&filter[is_draft]=false&json-api-version=1.0

There doesnt seem to be teaser_text in apiv2 documentation for post resource, however. Where did you encounter that field’s documentation at the time you tried api v1?

Didn’t. Just dismembered the front end and pulled out the API XHR requests.

Well. Not every request that is used by Patreon itself would be available to public api, therefore usable from a remote service. Is teaser_text working when you call an api v1 endpoint with a v1 client?

Well - given it’s on the same endpoint as the other parts of the v1 API, works with the same authentication, and follows the same structure, I’d argue that it’s just undocumented, not unusable. And yes - it works under API v1.

My question is whether it’s available and just not documented under API v2 in the same way. Otherwise, I run two API calls. :woman_shrugging:

I dont believe its documented at api v2. if using that via api v1 works for you, you could keep using it i believe. but api v1 is going to be deprecated eventually and it cant be guaranteed that that feature may be ported to apiv2.

Yeah - that’s what I thought. I hoped there was an undocumented part of API v2 that had it so I could build to v2 for future proofiing. Given the entire Patreon admin front end appears to use API v1 or straight server calls, I figure I’ve got a few more months being able to access it. I don’t hold a lot of hope for v2 updates given they’ve stopped support.

Thanks for responding.