Is the webhook payload stable?

Currently at Discourse Patreon we receive webhooks, but ignore the payload just using the event to trigger a full sync using the API.

One Patreon team member said that the webhook format was about to change, so we should delay any changes in the area.

What is the current state? Can we start to work on parsing the webhook payload now? Is it stable already?

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Hey @Falco!

We did recently make changes to the webhooks to make them a lot more reliable but the format is identical. Probably what the team member was trying to communicate was that the format was reliable but the delivery was not. This is no longer the case and we have officially pulled webhooks out of beta! You can be sure that if we decide to change the payload then the changes will be versioned so no need to worry!

The current state of webhooks is that they totally work and they are totally robust! Even if your server goes down, we’ll keep retrying to send you them until your server is up again. We’ll even save all the events your missing so that when your server is back up, we’ll just send them all to you.

If you have any more specific questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Yessss @vinkas saw this.

That was fast!