Issue with accessing info of recently-cancelled members

Is there any way to fetch the data of patrons who are both subscribed and have recently unsubscribed but still have access via the API?

Basically, I want to provide benefits to my patrons via a program that accesses Patreon’s API. My program currently accesses the endpoint${MY_CAMPAIGN_ID}/pledges?include=patron.null,reward.null to grab a list of people subscribed to my patreon page, but this list has several issues:
• If someone downgrades or cancels their plan, it takes effect immediately as opposed to the actual expiry date of their plan
• If someone’s card declines, it continues to allow them access (unless I check for the declined_since attribute on the pledge) Is there any API endpoint that would allow me to access this data? I do not want to use an incoming webhook because it will experience issues if my service experiences an outage.

In addition, I have checked V2 by subscribing on a second account, and found that it does not display my member information at all. Is there some sort of caching going on on Patreon’s end? If so, this is not acceptable because patrons should not have to wait very long to receive their benefits.

Anyway, please let me know if you have any information!

Note: I did not have any form of caching on my end, as I am making these requests directly (with the built-in NodeJS fetch function, setting cache: ‘no-cache’)

As for the v2 caching issue, nevermind. I hadn’t paginated. Silly me. I’m currently investigating whether v2 meets my needs

Nevermind, V2 meets my needs. I don’t know how to close a topic here but if you do, please close this.

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