Get active and former patrons via API

I would like to be able to get both the currently active and formerly active patrons via the API. (Currently, it appears by default the API only returns currently active patrons).

On my site, not having API access to former patrons means that if someone cancels their pledge on the first of the month, they may end up paying but not receiving their rewards depending on when the script runs and/or how quickly their pledge is processed (ie: when the total_historical_amount_cents field is updated).

Is there a parameter that can be passed to the API to enable former patrons to also be returned?

Unfortunately, this is a shortcoming of our current API. We are actively working on a fix for this scenario, but the best answer I can offer right now is to check the API often when payments are being processed (the first few days of the month.)

Thanks for this information, and I’m glad to hear a fix is being actively worked on.

I will check the API more often as advised, however, it should be noted that since total_historical_amount_cents can update after the unpledge happens, upping the check frequency alone isn’t a total fix. (It seems like there is a 6~24hour delay between a successful charge and total_historical_amount_cents being updated).