Link patreon with spigot java plugin

I am a spigot plugin developer. I want to link patreon with the ranks on my Minecraft server.
I have an idea of how I could do this, but have no idea how the patreon API works and if it would be possible for this purpose.

After someone subscribes to my patreon I would like some way of getting their Minecraft uuid. (A unique Id that each Minecraft account has)

To do this I would need the patreon subscriber to input their playername, and this be sent to my java plugin through an event, along with a unique code for their patreon account.

I can then use spigot to get the players uuid based on their name, and give them a rank.

I would then need another event to trigger when that person unsubscribes, and again I would be able to recognise it’s the same account, and I could get their Minecraft uuid from my database and then remove their rank.

How could I do this?

Having a custom integration with a db to keep track of your patrons would help. Ie, any setup - can be LAMP, Python, whatever.

Using that, you could have patrons authorize your integration and give you the input you need. Then the integration can modify the Minecraft server’s db.