Logo does not adhere to Patreon Design standards


Just a remark, but hopefully a prompt for a fix! The “unlock with Patreon” button, looks very badly aligned, and the typeface is not really matching the patreon buttons. I know you made it a responsive button. But if you read the guidelines on the use of the Patreon logo, they really want the logo to not be altered to much, and by doing so keep the design really clean and tidy all over the web. The “unlock with patreon” button does in my opinion not meet the high standards and does not feel like a Patreon design. Especially on pages and post that also feature the Become a Patreon logo, that does look nice, the difference is quit big! I would advice to let somebody at the patreon design team come up with a better solution!


Thanks for the plugin, it works.

The left alignment of the button is by design.

Changing the design of the button is a bit problematic at this point since it would trigger a change in all the websites, leading to whatever CSS/styling arrangement that the site owners made in alignment with the button. But it is an important point to consider, thanks.

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