Patreon logo used in plugin differs from Patreon brand guide

I note that the Patreon icon used throughout the Patreon WordPress plugin differs from what is specified in Brand | Patreon

Is this an oversight? According to the brand guide the P icon should be a solid colour.

Also, the “login with Patreon” button renders in low resolution. Can you please update the plugin to point to /patron-plugin-pro/plugin/lib/patreon-connect/assets/img/patreon%20login@1x.png instead of /patron-plugin-pro/plugin/lib/patreon-connect/assets/img/patreon%20login@2x.png

I don’t understand why the higher resolution button exists if the plugin does not link to it? Please confirm.

That interface was done way before the brand info changed. It is as how it is now mainly for compatibility reasons since the creators built or adjusted their website colors around it.

  1. Surely you should update to match the official brand guide. you can put out release nots saying so.

  2. What is the reason not to link to the larger patreon login@2x.png instead of the lower resolution @x1.png version looks bad on retina screens. Surely you can update the plugin to point to the higher-resolution button.

When noticeable changes were made to this button previously, they were negatively received.

More importantly, over five years the requests regarding changing this button has been extremely scarce. And most of those requests were related to translating it to other languages rather than changing anything in the design of the button. Likely because there scarcely are websites with red/orange backgrounds and this button stands out both in light and dark backgrounds.

If we attempted to change the button drastically now, we would have to provide choices in between different button backgrounds so that people could choose among them, including this button itself as the old/legacy button - just like we did when the earlier button changes were unfavorably received. This is definitely not a priority at the moment as there are much more pressing issues affecting the plugin. Some minor changes like change to the logo, resolution etc could be arranged, however again, they are not priorities.

If you would like to change your button, there are filters that allow you to do it. If you use Patron Pro, the ‘Customize Interface’ section should allow you to upload an image to replace the button image directly.