Custom Banner Visual Issues

I ran into a visual problem while playing around with this add-on. When looking to see if the fix was something gated behind a subscription cost, I found the exact same problem in the example images.

My own website has a very mellow blue-green theme that absolutely clashes with that obnoxious shade of bright orange, and I would rather change the text to not outright imply a certain dollar amount is needed for patreon-only access, both things that I can’t seem to change with the custom banner settings.

So my question is, is it possible for me to somehow remove the content circled in blue and replace it with my own custom text and images, or even just change the wording of the text and color? Would I need to subscribe to the pro version in order to do this?

You can filter the entire button with image and html included by using the ptrn/patron_button filter: