Minor fixes to pledges endpoint

Hey all,

I’m one of the engineers on the Platform team. Just wanted to put in a quick plug for some fixes that we’ve implemented on the pledges endpoint.

  • In addition to sorting on (-)created, you can sort on (-)updated: This used to cause a 500 error. Mainly, this is useful if you care about ordering by pledge deletions.
  • EDIT: Reverted due to bug. Pagination links remember query params: Previously, any include or fields were not present in the links, so you’d have to append them manually to that URL. That problem is fixed.

These are minor fixes, but hopefully they make life easier for some developers.



Hello @jeffrey,

Thanks for the fix. Previously I replaced the default page[count] param in code for all pagination links. Now It is working fine :+1:.

It also created an another issue Rewards data not included in API response.