Mismatching redirect URI (Not wordpress)


I am creating a .net core blazor site that has a page strictly for Patreon users. I am trying to create the authentication link and I keep getting the Mismatching redirect URI error:

{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Mismatching redirect URI.”,“state”:“CfDJ8CJRqidOgSZBrg8dSk-nLKmKiRX3ImtZ4eLydFzBjH6T04QAHm7LQ51W7Vby84TVodBGJ-KRDnZj76izU9rdvCXKRiloz9_niEgFzVrs4AsekwvRY7c8dZ9ha9FH7V7uqA3vk4RK2kwJifmWW1sP3htUbetHt1dQe9SvI-vtE_bDrv4Kd903bxX8E5J7Po9MUcCmDX-LXsdMwFW_85m98yNr7xoLFx6DUp7wWhmqSe3rY_ff7Rq_ESOG_XqQORQS0PgrYX8E61dr7p-QixXVh9g”}

I am using V2 of the Api.
My settings are as follows:
my app:

 var properties = new AuthenticationProperties
            RedirectUri = "https://localhost:7078/api/Auth/patreon-login/"
        return Challenge(properties, PatreonAuthenticationDefaults.AuthenticationScheme);

my redirect in the Patreon Client settings is: https://localhost:7078/api/Auth/patreon-login/

Am i setting these incorrectly?
My app only runs https.



Its all good, i figured it out, the middleware I use addes a “signin-patreon” to the redirecturi, so I just added that to the client settings and its working now.

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The redirect uri must exactly match the one in your app details. Including the protocol.

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