Multi Language Support

I am currently using WPML (The wordpress multilingual plug in and I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to link the functionality with this page within the patreon sign up pages.

My issue currently is if anyone goes to sign up as a patron the patreon page will show in their browser’s chosen language but the tiers would list in english (since that’s what I wrote them in.)

With WPML I’ve been getting everything translated thanks to our translation team and I’d like to find an elegant way to have the call to action page listed in the necessary language as well as the tiers once they navigate to Patreon.

If this isn’t possible I was imagining I’d just need to manually have the different languages showing all the tiers in each description but I’d just like to avoid having that much text.

Secondarily does anyone know who I would talk to about trying to get arabic language support on the Patreon page?

I know it’s a lot so thanks for reading and for your help.

If you are talking about the point at which the user is sent to for logging in or giving permission, that cannot be changed through WordPress or any other plugin since its at

If you are talking about your local WP pages, you should already be able to provide translations for those i believe…

Yeah it’s at the point the user is sent to patreon. I see we can do a custom call to action which is nice, and that patreon has some language support, they are just missing a couple markets we are looking at getting into (Turkish, Arabic, Farsi) so didn’t know if we’d be able to offer those ourselves, since patreon doesn’t support those languages yet.

So instead we thought perhaps we’d just have to edit the tiers with all the translations, even though it looks a bit clunky.

At the point the user is sent to from your site then? Not when the user is already at …

In any case, if that language is not supported at Patreon, you wouldnt be able to have your user land at a page at and display that language there.