No attributes when getting posts

I’m using the Patreon PHP Api to get all the posts from my patreon page and it is working sort of.
I’m getting the posts and Id’s but when i ask for the post data i don’t get any attributes.
I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. Can someone help me?

People, you can see documentation for publish, update, delete webhooks here:

You must specifically request various fields which you need when using api v2.

Here is what WP plugin uses to get a post details that will be in the upcoming post sync feature:


That does not work. I’m using the Patreon API PHP Library.

Are you using a v2 token with v2 endpoints?

Yes, I’m getting attributes now but i’m only getting the first 20 posts

I really only need the last comment every time because i’m storing them in my own DB.

The get_posts function in api class in the upcoming post sync feature in WordPress plugin is an example of how to paginate posts:

You can use that example to request other pages. Also the api doc for pagination helps:

When i add ?sort=created to the end of campaigns/{$campaign_id}/posts and change it between created and -created it does nothing to the order.
What am i doing wrong?

Ordering may or may not have been implemented for posts endpoint. You should try different ordering methods out.

So what should i use to get the first posts from patreon?

Just check out the functions get_posts and get_post in upcoming post sync branch of WP plugin:

They are working examples that you can use to get posts.

As i said, ordering may not have been implemented, so it may not work.

Is there a method for retrieving comments on a post? I did not see this in the API docs nor libraries.

Comments, tags, attachments etc are not yet supported at posts endpoint.

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Thank you, @codebard !

I am curious: will webhooks be implemented at some point in the future for new published posts and post updates?

It feels like a webhook approach would work well for NEW and updated stuff and calling the API directly for existing/archive stuff to populate WordPress or other site.

Webhooks are already implemented for new posts and updates?