How to retrieve all posts , comments , users

Hi , this is poorly documenterad , i cannot find how to fetch posts , comments and users from my page .

the only api call that works in postman is[user]=email,first_name,full_name,last_name,url

and this is not enough , have anybody done this before and can guide me to good example . i have looked all over documentations but no luck , i appreciate the help .

You can’t !!
There are various discussion on the forum about that.

It seems they are happy to add that endpoint … but still no reply to let us know when they will implement.

well actually you can :slight_smile: , i found a solution to that .

You get current user with campaign , and then get posts on that campain id , include comments and users .

deserialize them to some json model and you will get them .

the only problem is that it seems to only get last two posts and last two comments on each post for some reason .

example :

get the campaign , then for posts you have to do this call and choose to include whatever you want .{campaignid}/posts?fields[post]=content,title
to get comments and users in the response .

lot of other combinations that worked with me after a long time of analyze .

Hope it helps .

P.S : dont forget to add the authorization header and paste the token there .

Is it official API or did you find by yourself and therefore is unofficial ??

Hi again , take a look at this for example .

there are other links which i used that are like this , with some google search for what u want to get exactly , you can find some few but good examples . And dont forget that they use Json:Api and that is good documented .

I dont know if this is official or not , but as long as it works who cares man :smiley:

Good luck .

Actually, I care … and a lot. When you are using something get doing a reverse engineered, from my point of view, you are implicitly breaking a (gentlemen) contract between the parts. Even if these are exposed, if they said (prefer) us to not use them (for whatever reason they have) I think we should respect and wait for the official release of such endpoints.

So, I prefer something broken but official … than something working but unofficial (aka not-meant-to-be-used)

That’s me :man_shrugging:

Did this get official support in API v2?

Considering that the API is now considered to be in maintenance by Patreon, I wonder whether the community should take up an effort to better support it.

Campaign posts and individual post endpoints are available since a while (v2)

They are in widespread use by WP plugin.

Awesome! I don’t see comments in the posts endpoint. The v2 documentation also could specifically detail that the endpoint is for GET requests only and does not accept POST. It’s clear once you read through the content; however, it’s not initially obvious.

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